Between The Stitches – January

Song of the Month: Frank Ocean - Solo Last year was a devils dance. Much of the year was coming to terms with the facts that hope dies and love is only the beginning of the healing. I'd spent the first half of the year building my reserves; preparing for loss and acknowledging the fear I hold. What fear you … Continue reading Between The Stitches – January



…Passion it always starts with the passion… We live our lives sonnet-like, Strict            rigid               reserved She is a quick kick of free verse.   Flashback Morning amnesia fades…. Last thought while walking away… "Are we really the bad guys?" Flashback A long embrace, arms are anacondas squeezing the breath out of this moment. One last … Continue reading Flashbacks

Won’t Be Memorized

I. Overcast sky Pencil line sunshine etching a path along cracked pavement 17 year old fatherless son Performs the ballad of “lil man, big bags...” A bumbling wonder to behold running for the W2 to Unity Health Complex. In an act of defiance, one shoestring boldly demands a divorce Legs slip into pants Flyers for … Continue reading Won’t Be Memorized

Of Math and Memories

*For John W. Karr* ...246 New Jersey... ...Remember 246... An old man took his last breath today. When asked to chose between a doctor's breathing tube Or A friend's perfectly crafted martini, He made the right choice. ...246... 246... 246... "2+4 is 6" I would have never thought of that. Never have been a fan … Continue reading Of Math and Memories

#Poetry -Amber Tambourines

Amber scenes of tambourines Shaking like children in winter rain; Glistening in my memory like Sunlight on grassy fields glazed by light dew. That's where you stand, Filling cavities and drilling for secrets; Beaming with laser-like precision you cut through radar, Bounce sonar waves of the tip of your tongue. My overnight bag aches for … Continue reading #Poetry -Amber Tambourines

#write2014 – 20 – Fireflies (Part II of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

II. Fireflies the slight breeze, Your breath on my neck. Subtle reminder that sunshine meets moon rise when we fall behind the tide. We dont have much time, but time is all we have. Our love, a revolution of seasons. A spindle twisting wishes into our yarn. our story will be shared over campfire, We … Continue reading #write2014 – 20 – Fireflies (Part II of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

#poems: Recap

I’m on my way to work. You enter your household, I walk away smiling, thinking of how beautiful we are A hug that holds time hostage. Kiss that kills all concepts of space. We giggle nervously, wishing this moment would never end Hands held the entire route You are soft, I am rough. We are … Continue reading #poems: Recap