Red Marker Epiphany

We put limitations on what we can do according to time, saying that there isn't a lot of time in this life When the only thing we really have it time, the longest thing we can do in life is live.... Older lady at bus stop One hand clutches to red marker as if a … Continue reading Red Marker Epiphany


For Immortals That Live On Soundcloud

A simple "pardon me" would have been nice As you bumped your way to heaven. Showing up at the gates Before anyone saw your invitation. Never too soon or too late, Always on "God's time". Sometimes God's time feels like unfair Like fate made a clutch deal Made off with the jewels and we left … Continue reading For Immortals That Live On Soundcloud

#NaPoWriMo -5- Senryu For Our Loss

I just cried for my Son, because someday I could Become a hashtag He cried for me when He saw my tears. We both are Mourning innocence. My mother watches in awe, worried her two boys Don't have Kevlar skin. In the bible, no Weapon formed against me shall Prosper. These are lies. I still … Continue reading #NaPoWriMo -5- Senryu For Our Loss