Between The Stitches – January

Song of the Month: Frank Ocean - Solo Last year was a devils dance. Much of the year was coming to terms with the facts that hope dies and love is only the beginning of the healing. I'd spent the first half of the year building my reserves; preparing for loss and acknowledging the fear I hold. What fear you … Continue reading Between The Stitches – January


Waves: A Poetry & Acoustic Showcase

For the lovers of words--those who want to hear the raw truth that lies in between every lyric and spoken word verse—this show is for you! Join us for this mellow evening of acoustic sounds and poetry headlined by the wonderfully talented Elle D. Koon. Elle is releasing her book of poetry and prose entitled … Continue reading Waves: A Poetry & Acoustic Showcase

“Color Me Woman” Art Show!

In Recongition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, RealTalkDC Presents: Color Me Woman - A Women and Girls Day Art Show March 10th 2017 5-8PM The Fridge DC - 516 8th Street SE, (Rear Alley) Washington, DC 20003 An evening of All Women Art, Poetry, Music and Awareness. All are Invited to join … Continue reading “Color Me Woman” Art Show!

#NaPoWriMo -9- On Track *tentative title*

The record rotates around the spindle. Needle hits the track like it was it's destiny. A sound bellows through speakers. We are moved. Sound bounces like heart. Pumping blood through the track; A sewer line of tectonic platelets. We are shaken, stirred. Your body is a speaker. Your step, the needle dropping into the groove … Continue reading #NaPoWriMo -9- On Track *tentative title*

Droopy the BrokeBaller – Broke Boy (Response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse)

As promised, 2 #infinigrind videos this Friday! This one is from longtime member of the fam Droopy the Brokeballer! This is the visual for "Broke Boy" Droopy's response to Kendrick Lamar claiming the crown as "King of New York". Peep the bars, hit him up, and stay real!

Joie 13 – Tell the Truth feat. MacGuyver, Fleetwood Deville, Casito Del Fresco

It's a Friday! So its time for Infinigrind Fridays! First up, Joie 13 drops the visual for his banger "Tell the Truth" featuring #Infinigrind Bar Beast Fleetwood Deville! Though he is last on the #Infinigrind Page, he's one of the core members and true spitters in the DC Scene. Peep him and the Far EXP … Continue reading Joie 13 – Tell the Truth feat. MacGuyver, Fleetwood Deville, Casito Del Fresco

BOOMscat performing Closure

Welcome to #Infinigrind Fridays! This is where we showcase the dopeness of the members of the #infinigrind team. First up, the Peace N Body Roll Duo of BOOMscat!   These are 2 of my favorite people, nonetheless 2 of my favorite artist! There are here performing one of their original songs "closure"   Get hip, … Continue reading BOOMscat performing Closure

#poems: Dwayne Personified

I'm a level 20 yarn mage. And a ninja. And a sleepy mushroom. I'm a rollercoaster of feelings. I'm the glass case of emotion that Ron Burgundy was trapped in. I'm tumbleweed rolling through the minds of math students. I'm a cross country excursion via unicycle. I’m your favorite ex-lover and bottle of chocolate syrup. … Continue reading #poems: Dwayne Personified

#throwback: Daily Exhale 1

Originally Posted - 3/2/10 Some days are great. Others are a bit much. That’s why I bought new headphones today. See… headphones are not only the things that help you hear music, or keep your ears warm in the winter; they are a representation of instant audio isolation. Privacy in sound so to speak. And … Continue reading #throwback: Daily Exhale 1

Watch the Poem (Droopy and Dwayne B) Live at Adams Morgan Day!

  #infinigrind member and my brother Droopy The BrokeBaller and I rocked Adam's Morgan Day at the Bandstand Stage hosted by Far EXP (with another infinigrinder, Fleetwood Deville) peer the action, then peep the Twitter's of Droopy (@brokeballer) Fleetwood (@dresssock) and if you want to... check me out too (@crochetkingpin)   Peace and Safety, Dwayne … Continue reading Watch the Poem (Droopy and Dwayne B) Live at Adams Morgan Day!