#thatpoetryhost – The Race

I am racing the sunset to my doorstep. Ready Set . . . Go! Jet in taxi Last text message sent. Smooth jazz oiling disjointed eardrums As I prepare for a sandwich of clouds. The water below resembles a Sequined welcome mat; A glittery invitation to follow the current course. We pierce the fluff ceiling … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – The Race


First Post on a New Website!

Ha! I did it!!! I told myself that I could make this website; that I could get the domain and find a way to display some photos and let folk order online through email (crochetkingpin@yahoo.com) and darned if I didn't do it! (Tho cumbersome I admit... I'll get the store going soon. promise) The website … Continue reading First Post on a New Website!