#poetry – Daddy Day Care

He wakes up; She wakes up; Dishes; clean. Trash; out. Waffles; made. Daddy; gone. Pleasantries not needed. Love speaks for itself.


#poems: How To Zombify A “Good Girl”

Be "perfect" When she calls, answer on the first ring; Don't hang up until you've denounced all the crazy co-workers and repented for every bad thing men have ever done. Be manhood's martyr. Die in her eyes and watch her melt. She will want to kiss you goodbye; Don't. She will flutter out of her … Continue reading #poems: How To Zombify A “Good Girl”

#write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die

if i gotta die, make it quick. a camera flash a shooting star the first orgasm. make the snipers bullet spin. a cyclone to blow my life away.   if i gotta die, make it spectacular. produce it on broadway name in lights and tony bound. have beyonce sing my demise. my fate in platinum … Continue reading #write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die

#Write2014 – 7 – I Do

Everyday is a dance Of balancing bags and manuvering crowds. Managing flags and boundries. Between broken gods and fragile man, We waltz through hours. Time is the silk curtain; A thin vail hiding she we are destined to kiss. A bride eternal. Every breath, a step down the aisle.

#write2014 – 6 – Basorexia

See her Want to Dance with Grind on Touch on Get close Want to Feel lips Press on Mirror Image Mirror Press on Lips feel Close enough To taste. Breath sweet Hot like Caramel Body roll Pressure cooked Lusty eyed Want you Like good Kid wants To be Bad. Bad so Good. Like sweat Lick … Continue reading #write2014 – 6 – Basorexia

#Write2014 – 3 – If Never Occurred

Even if I never kissed you. If you never leaned over and I never misread. If you never took that chance, Never kissed back.   Even if you never “saw” me, Never shared your thoughts, If you never gave a glint Never gave a hint.   Even if you never told your truth. If you … Continue reading #Write2014 – 3 – If Never Occurred