Race Relations in 3 Part Movement

I. He’s no longer a man No, demoted to a sack of blood and marrow shards Wrapped in sinew. Dangling like post-celebration piñatas. His plasma, dripping jelly-like from the center of this pastry. “Nigger had it coming; he gandered at that white woman down the way…”   II. Our first kiss was a drunken maelstrom … Continue reading Race Relations in 3 Part Movement


That Is All: a thread

I have a Twitter account of which I put to regular use. During the day it's mostly crochet or geeky post, but in the late hours of my phone has charge, I tend to share thoughts. This is a collect of such thoughts. https://twitter.com/i/moments/890787301487288320 If you agree, feel free to like and share. Disagree? Leave … Continue reading That Is All: a thread

Black Paint on a White Canvas

*I wrote this poem when I was 17, I'm now 33*   Surrounded and speculated as a speck to be hated, as a speck underrated. They expect me to be jaded, But respect is my payment For I’ve been ignored much to long.   Seen as an urban monstrosity, Man in the monster of minorities, … Continue reading Black Paint on a White Canvas

#NaPoWriMo -4- Untitled For The Next Name

The poems have been written. Chants spoken; Yelled; Whispered is wide hallways, Behind closed doors. The conversation happened. Elections won. "Progress made". I am still dead. Sleep was rehearsal for the big day When protests knew my name.

#Poetry: From Moment to Movement

Things change. We change. The world changes around us every day; Glaciers, to ocean, to polar bear drowning. Sunny day, to hurricane, to refugee in my own home. Corner store hoodie boy, to obituary. Happy daughter, to fatherless child. How do we make this right? Silence is a costly answer When lives are the price … Continue reading #Poetry: From Moment to Movement