Dear Marsha Adams

Dear 10 year old Marsha Adams. Thank you for everything. I've been in love With the idea of being in love Since your Lightskinned fine ass Told me in class that you likes me. Just as the teacher called on me, To do the fractions on the board. And lord, how I hate math. Especially … Continue reading Dear Marsha Adams


It’s What You Do

I love you Isn't the poem I want to write. Its what I want to say With the pump of valves. Its not the sense that lips convey, Its what lips wish to show in every word, Touch of skin, every kiss. I love you Isn't a expression Its the only impression needed. Its not … Continue reading It’s What You Do

That Is All: a thread

I have a Twitter account of which I put to regular use. During the day it's mostly crochet or geeky post, but in the late hours of my phone has charge, I tend to share thoughts. This is a collect of such thoughts. If you agree, feel free to like and share. Disagree? Leave … Continue reading That Is All: a thread

#poems: What We Look Like

I look like, 27 years of confusion. A life time of mistakes and broke promises. Being late to the train station again. You look like, compassion. Understanding dressed in a cloak of frustration. You look like 14 hours days on the weekend Working with women with special needs. Dinners on tables, sagging breast in need … Continue reading #poems: What We Look Like