Between The Stitches – February

Mood music - Heart don't stand a chance Anderson.Paak I'm an artist. We are pack rats stuffing emotions into pouches. We stumble upon them when cleaning house and spend half a day reminiscing about that time the cutie we peeped shot us a glance. I know I personally get giddy when I think of a … Continue reading Between The Stitches – February



…Passion it always starts with the passion… We live our lives sonnet-like, Strict            rigid               reserved She is a quick kick of free verse.   Flashback Morning amnesia fades…. Last thought while walking away… "Are we really the bad guys?" Flashback A long embrace, arms are anacondas squeezing the breath out of this moment. One last … Continue reading Flashbacks

Kiss Me

Lips are not routine. Connection doesn't come with a manual. This is an analog feeling. Allow me this kiss. I've been Job, We; tried and true, Trialed and blue. This kiss; Light at the end signaling the beginning. Kiss me endless green lights; Emerald castle post yellow bricks. Kiss me in braille; We should feel … Continue reading Kiss Me