Losing My Religion or Poets Church of Sins

We define holy war in our wordplay. Heaven be thy frame Your bodice cum, For me, as it would in his arms. Our love making is blasphemy. A community of happy heathens Writhing in our sin and self-fulfillment. If hell be a passion pit, This be the sweet plunge to the beyond. I swear I … Continue reading Losing My Religion or Poets Church of Sins


#write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

I followed your lead. You unsnapped the 3 hooks, Bra on floor, hand on door. No locks today. Someone Is gonna walk in. And find us. Undone. 2 balls of yarn twisted and tangled. Too coarse for the par course we coast through east coast. Make haste to find play place. Bathrooms in lace help … Continue reading #write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

#poems: Mantra

Ohm She's a mantra God haunter Lays down with devils Smelling of angel sweat A perfect mistake waiting to happen Dressed in denim and silk scarves A widow maker Smoking a clove Rolls with a loaf worth of bros Gettin that dough Dances like a pinwheel in the wind Fast and free Loves in the … Continue reading #poems: Mantra

#ThrowbackThursdays – RealTalk

originally posted 7/8/09 Peace Fam, My name is Dwayne Lawson-Brown aka Dwayne B! I'm a poet, Emcee, Breakdancer and all of that… but today, I’m getting on something more important than all of that. I have been working in the HIV prevention field for almost 10 years and most of y'all know that, but lately … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursdays – RealTalk