Superstars and Washed-up Dreams

None of us are what we seem. Covert artist, shrouding our passions in secrecy. We have mastered hiding our voices like government expenditure records. But just off the hill, there is a basement that knows us as superstars. Pinstripe suit jacket Soul singer in yuppie disguise. Miniskirt lush sharing her soul in Janis Joplin bellows. … Continue reading Superstars and Washed-up Dreams


#write2013 – 14 – “…We All Fall Down”

wait up for me. i'll be looking for you just around the bend. in the audience. I'll sing our song and wait. to see you on the dance floor watching in admiration. i'm always enraptured. captured by she who ain't here. cant be. I know. its hard. It always is when passion is introduced to … Continue reading #write2013 – 14 – “…We All Fall Down”