Pre-Order’s for My Book Are Live!

Hey There All!!! If you are following this blog, then you probably know that I am a writer. I've been sharing my poetry publicly for nearly 15 of my 34 years of life, and I'm finally ready to release a book. So I don't have the money myself to publish, so I've made pre-orders available … Continue reading Pre-Order’s for My Book Are Live!


#videos -Dwayne Shares at “Fighting Cancer With Poetry

Video from a few years ago. I performed at the first "Fighting Cancer With Poetry" event at Busboys and Poets. Since then, the series has taken off and will soon be starting a workshop series for giving people affected by cancer and opportunity to have their voice heard.

Peace beautiful people!

Dwayne B here. Just wanna show love for all the support and action I've been getting on the website as of late. Folks are always looking for an outlet; safe place to express and feel free. Many have found the internet to be that place, but as time goes, the internet seems to be a … Continue reading Peace beautiful people!

Luna Performing “Time” at Spit Dat!

Luna The Poet isn't just a Poet. She's a mother, chef, painter, photographer, videographer, day care provider, excellent hugger, and  better crocheter that me. (i won't admit that about many people, so take that seriously)   This video is from a few years back, but the piece is so powerful, well... it stands the test … Continue reading Luna Performing “Time” at Spit Dat!

#write2014 – 16 – For the Living

For those who died in their closets And became the skeletons haunting lovers. Those who cant live without the thought of hands touching another, but can't see sunshine in their partners eyes. The vampires, slinking through shadows, feeding their want while fearing a mistake. Eyes are not kind to love misunderstood; Fists worse. When judgement … Continue reading #write2014 – 16 – For the Living

#Infinigrind Event Update! Craig Kite Featuring at Busboys and Poets Hyattsville!

Our #Infinigrind brother Craig Kite is featuring at Busboys and Poets Hyattsville this Thursday! Craig is a ball or energy flung toward creativity. I always enjoy my time around the brother, and I know you will too! Busboys and Poets Hyattsville 5331 Baltimore Avenue  Hyattsville, MD 20781 Buy tickets to Busboys Hyattsville Here! #Infinigrind - … Continue reading #Infinigrind Event Update! Craig Kite Featuring at Busboys and Poets Hyattsville!

#throwback – Homophobia Is Stupid

originally posted: March 27th 08    Love. Not I’m tryna fuck;lusty type love. I’m talking all encompassing love. That’s what I felt at the end of mocha tonight. But the beginning wasn’t as hopeful. So for one. I’m hella tired. Part of my day yesterday was used walking to anacostia park to find out what … Continue reading #throwback – Homophobia Is Stupid

Plight of the Pretty Girl

They say I’m pretty, But what’s so pretty about me? Fair skin, slim waist, and feminine fats perfectly placed Is all people ever see. Youngest of three, Finest of three On my fathers pedestal I will always be.   I wake up. Dress in unhappiness. Wear it like a cape. Sign of superhero status Black … Continue reading Plight of the Pretty Girl