#throwback: Daily Exhale 2

Originally Posted - 3/3/10 I’m bumpin some real ass hip hop, incarcerated scarfaces. classic wu tang. Feelin pretty good. My man just said “Africans denyin niggas in cabs” that’s real. Its hard as hell for a young man to get a cab in dc. My brother Droopy just told me that the day before he … Continue reading #throwback: Daily Exhale 2


#throwback: Daily Exhale 1

Originally Posted - 3/2/10 Some days are great. Others are a bit much. That’s why I bought new headphones today. See… headphones are not only the things that help you hear music, or keep your ears warm in the winter; they are a representation of instant audio isolation. Privacy in sound so to speak. And … Continue reading #throwback: Daily Exhale 1

#throwback – Another Message to the DC Poetry Scene

Originally posted: 3.25.09 Artist are funny creatures. We have a way of pushing people away who are important. And we often desire attention that sometimes isn’t warranted. We are daydreams, often floating in peoples memories, taking up space that may be needed for tax calculation or work plan development. Often we place this sense of … Continue reading #throwback – Another Message to the DC Poetry Scene

#throwback – Homophobia Is Stupid

originally posted: March 27th 08    Love. Not I’m tryna fuck;lusty type love. I’m talking all encompassing love. That’s what I felt at the end of mocha tonight. But the beginning wasn’t as hopeful. So for one. I’m hella tired. Part of my day yesterday was used walking to anacostia park to find out what … Continue reading #throwback – Homophobia Is Stupid

#Throwback – The Comic-Con Craziness Series

Originally Posted 10.8.10 - In Honor of my Being at Comic-Con as we speak New York Comic-Con. I'm finally in New York and i'm dumb excited, but I immediately go back to a conversation my mom and I had just before my departure. You see parents regularly talk about the “dangers of the big city” … Continue reading #Throwback – The Comic-Con Craziness Series

#throwback: On What’s “Sexy”

Originally posted: June 22nd 08 I got into a fun convo last night which led to this post. I took a lil time and honestly thought about what I find sexy… and I feel like these are the ingredients to someone who would truly turn me out: 1.Honesty - Good lord if this isn't the … Continue reading #throwback: On What’s “Sexy”