#throwback: On The Forth Of July

Originally posted: July 8th 08 Ok so its been almost a week… and the smoke has began to clear from the haze that was the forth of July. I find it interesting that folk celebrate this holiday. I mean, sure the US was made an independent land on this day long, long ago… but is … Continue reading #throwback: On The Forth Of July


#poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

I was flying LBLoveless Airlines, On my way to Lonely City, When this diapered guys’ arrows started to fly, The wings began to tilt and the plane skydived straight down… I fell head over heels in… -Sigh- I fell head over heels in… Giddy giggles, snuggling close to teddy bears late at night, That warm … Continue reading #poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

#throwback: Daily Exhale 2

Originally Posted - 3/3/10 I’m bumpin some real ass hip hop, incarcerated scarfaces. classic wu tang. Feelin pretty good. My man just said “Africans denyin niggas in cabs” that’s real. Its hard as hell for a young man to get a cab in dc. My brother Droopy just told me that the day before he … Continue reading #throwback: Daily Exhale 2

#throwback: On What’s “Sexy”

Originally posted: June 22nd 08 I got into a fun convo last night which led to this post. I took a lil time and honestly thought about what I find sexy… and I feel like these are the ingredients to someone who would truly turn me out: 1.Honesty - Good lord if this isn't the … Continue reading #throwback: On What’s “Sexy”

#throwback: A Message to the Poetry Family

Originally posted: May 29th 08 Hi family, So I don’t do this often but sometimes you have to preach to the choir because they need a message too. So if there is something wrong in your bathroom, do you just leave that bathroom alone and go, “it will fix itself” or do you get down … Continue reading #throwback: A Message to the Poetry Family

#throwback: New Things That Trigger Reactions From Me Discovered

Originally posted: June 30th 08 As I get older, I'm starting to learn things that trigger certain reactions from me. If I hear the metro bells toll, that automatically triggers me to start running to see what train it is, if the alarm clock goes off that triggers me to get up and turn it … Continue reading #throwback: New Things That Trigger Reactions From Me Discovered