It’s What You Do

I love you Isn't the poem I want to write. Its what I want to say With the pump of valves. Its not the sense that lips convey, Its what lips wish to show in every word, Touch of skin, every kiss. I love you Isn't a expression Its the only impression needed. Its not … Continue reading It’s What You Do


A Doomsday Prepper’s Diary

March  3rd, 8:42PM Cookie Aisle at Food Lion ____________________________________ She walks in, Eyes of molasses, Skin twice as sweet. I'm diabetic; Too many sweeties in my past. As she get close, all senses sense fructose. And i just want to taste. She's a catastrophe; I'm A doomsday prepper. I've been waiting for you And I'm … Continue reading A Doomsday Prepper’s Diary

#write2014 – 20 – Fireflies (Part II of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

II. Fireflies the slight breeze, Your breath on my neck. Subtle reminder that sunshine meets moon rise when we fall behind the tide. We dont have much time, but time is all we have. Our love, a revolution of seasons. A spindle twisting wishes into our yarn. our story will be shared over campfire, We … Continue reading #write2014 – 20 – Fireflies (Part II of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

#write2014 – 19 – Snowflakes (Part I of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

I. Snowflakes The wind; Your lips on my neck. A bite I welcome after hiding. The sick and shut in look forward to visits. Even chaperoned sessions under snowy skies. Flurries of emotions Falling like single clusters of ice, Heavy enough to fall, Light enough to catch a ride on a wasted breath. Sticking together … Continue reading #write2014 – 19 – Snowflakes (Part I of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

#write2014 – 18 – I Fell For You

I fell for you on the stage. The way you saw me without bravado. Stripped me of presence. Your gaze was at a man, not performer. You drew me in with your eyes. I fell into you on the dance floor. Your waist; a metronome whose rhythm I wished to keep. I know your drums, … Continue reading #write2014 – 18 – I Fell For You

#write2013 – 14 – “…We All Fall Down”

wait up for me. i'll be looking for you just around the bend. in the audience. I'll sing our song and wait. to see you on the dance floor watching in admiration. i'm always enraptured. captured by she who ain't here. cant be. I know. its hard. It always is when passion is introduced to … Continue reading #write2013 – 14 – “…We All Fall Down”

#write2014 – 12 – On Swag

Swag looks best from the front. The gloss of label shirts hide the torn backside. Place all the dust and wear behind you, Just above your dirty exposed unders. Hat hides the unkempt and unplanned. Shades keeping you for looking at yourself. Its all a front you cant come back from.  

#write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die

if i gotta die, make it quick. a camera flash a shooting star the first orgasm. make the snipers bullet spin. a cyclone to blow my life away.   if i gotta die, make it spectacular. produce it on broadway name in lights and tony bound. have beyonce sing my demise. my fate in platinum … Continue reading #write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die