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This is the landing page for all thankful things connected to “1 Color Kaleidoscope”.

Thank you for your support as I work toward my dream of being a published poet.

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Thankful Haiku



Binary stars both

Push and pull, spinning bright in

The night sky. Shine on.


Ben Shirley

Cacophonous is

Our world. Service tunes the ear

For life’s symphony.



Artists see beauty’s

Full process. From inside out;

From bones to blossoms.


Ben Herson

People are only

As strong as their lived truth. Your

Tale, titanium.



Adventure isn’t

The spice of life, it’s the point.

A life well seasoned.


Rasheed Copeland

You’re redefining

Manhood. Makes it look easy

As 1,2…2,3.


Ayanna Mackins

Warriors don’t seek war;

Just the peace beyond battles.

Yet, fear not conflict.


That Darn Anon

In life’s crayon box

You are meant to smear colors;

Show us true beauty.


Eboni Curry

Blessed be the one

Carrying new life into

World in need of love.



My reflection in

The face of a volcano.

Healing in the flames.



Our yarn, forever

Intertwined. Like a cross stitched

Tapestry… or Scarf.


Tango Lady

Our Forbidden Dance

2 candles, hot flames. Smokey

Memories linger.



Typewriter Script Life.

Mistakes Inevitable.

The Text, Beautiful.

Danial Orange

Orange pulls back peel to

Reveal fruitful insight; Seeds

Groves full of wisdom.


Amin Dallal

Farmer reaps crop of

Justice rising from humble

Growls and righteous roars.

Tatiana Figureoa Ramirez

There is beauty in

Speaking with conviction; love

Is a righteous fist.


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Amy Walthen

Joi McClain

Thank You For Your Donation!





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